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The Ultimate System.io review: Everything your business needs in one convenient package


Starting an online business can be a daunting task, especially when you are just getting started. From creating a website to keeping track of your latest marketing campaigns, there are many tools that you need to use, and it can be overwhelming at times. 

According to the Small Business Trend report, going back and forth between tools can reduce productivity. Many companies have come out addressing this problem and attempted to create an all in one solution so you can find all your business tools on one single platform.

In this review, we will dig deep into system.io, a platform that makes bold promises on synchronizing all your business tools into one single platform at an affordable fixed price. So is system.io the ultimate all in one tool? Or, like many of its predecessors, it’s a jack of all trade but master of none, let’s find out in our full review.

System.io Basics

System.io is an online tool that targets people who are just getting started with their online businesses and provide them with all the fundamental tools conveniently in one place. The creator of system.io, Aurelien Amacker, got frustrated when he was forced to use multiple tools when dealing with his digital marketing business and thus created system.io to streamline the process. The goal of the platform is to streamline the whole system by offering new businesses a seamless experience. 

System.io interface 

With many other options in the market, where system.io really differentiates itself from the competition is with its focus on usability. System.io is extremely easy to get started, and anyone with no prior knowledge can quickly get started making it perfect for bloggers and small online businesses. The interface is a joy to use, with a clear dashboard to keep track of your leads and total revenues. There is a clear emphasis on clean design and overall user experience. The menu is clearly labelled, and with 5 mins of using the platform, most people will get used to 90% of the functionality the platform has to offer, which in our book is a top-notch performance. 

Another aspect we love about system.io is that it does not try to reinvent the wheel and add unnecessary functionality. There are a few key areas where they put their maximum attention ( more on it on functionality section) with a clear focus on decluttering the platform as much as possible. There are separate sections to monitor specifics of your website like bounce rates or affiliate and ad revenue, something the competitors like Hubspot overcomplicates at times.

System.io offers an array of features and functionalities to help businesses get started with useful insights. After using the platform, we think there are six particular areas in that system.io, particularly excel. Their simple approach aired with a clean interface and extensive online tutorials makes using the platform a pleasant experience. And most importantly, all of these features are actually useful for your business, and unlike many companies, system.io do not get carried away adding features that most people will never use. 

Let’s look at some of the key features that the platform has to offer and how it differentiates itself from other independent platforms.

The success of any modern business largely depends on the effectiveness of its sales funnel, as it can make or break businesses. Digital marketers will know how difficult it can be to devise an effective sales funnel, and system.io takes particular interest in creating an effective sales funnel with just a few clicks. There is a wide selection of templates to get started, and we particularly love the visuals and functionality they provide. Alternately, suppose you do not like the pre-built template. In that case, the built-in visual editor will get you mostly covered but compared to independent industry leaders like Zoho, they are a bit limited but gets the job done. But the seamless integration paired with advanced automation ( for example, you can add different custom messages to customers like a thank you page or a special discount when they try to leave the landing page) and AB testing makes up for a brilliant platform for creating an amazing sales funnel. 

Email marketing is by far the most effective marketing strategy that digital marketers have at their disposal, and system.io sure put an emphasis on it. I will tell you right off the bat, independent email marketing tools like mail chimp has far superior functionality simply because of the massive third party integration it has, which system.io misses out on. But when you compare pricing, system.io has everything you need at an affordable price point. The visual editor is limited but gets the job done but where it really lags behind the competition is the lack of third-party integration and limited templates. But the ease of us paired with simple automation and, most importantly, access to analytics to keep track of your campaign makes it fairly usable, and marketers who are just starting out will find it more than enough. But having said that, we would recommend you to shell out for independent email marketing providers like sendinble or Mailchimp for more comprehensive results. Still, we expect the gap to close down as system.io gets the time to add more and more templates to their repertoire; we have to wait to see how this one turns out.

I absolutely love this functionality, and the fact that system.io can offer this even at its free tier is just bonkers. Online courses are the next big thing as more and more people have access to the internet; more and more people seek personalized conditions over the primitive procedural instructions found in traditional books. We previously had experience working with kajabi, and system.io offered us similar functionality. Now you may be wondering if they offer similar functionality; why are we so much in love with system.io? Well, kajabi starts at $119 a month and that too if you pay for the whole year upfront, the monthly package starts at $149. 

We love all the functionality that system.io bundles in to make selling any physical or digital product as convenient as possible. You do not have to worry about separate payment providers or tools to keep track of your progress as all are conveniently placed in the system.io dashboard. All major payment gateway has partnered with sstem.io, and the best part, you can even track your affiliate links, who are your best marketers all can be overviewed using system.io platform. If you want to sell your online course, we highly recommend you to give system.io a try.

A fully functional website is the backbone of your entire business, and there is no way you can cheap out on it. Thankfully system.io has put in a lot of thinking into a decent website builder built-in into the platform. For starters, the drag and drop approach is extremely easy to use, and anyone with no prior knowledge of web design or coding can quickly get started. Again, system.io do not try to reinvent the wheel, and if you are familiar with an existing website builder like Wix and square space, you will feel just at home. One small nuance we faced is the lack of animation, which can greatly enhance the look and feel of your website, but you can always use custom javascript code to get your desired look. 

Overall, the built-in website builder serves well for anyone getting started, but you have to tweak the codes if you want advanced features.

System.io emphasis a lot on the creation and management of affiliate programs. Most businesses rely heavily on their affiliate partners to produce quality content that will help their company grow. System.io makes it super easy to create an affiliate program with just a few steps and a comprehensive dashboard to keep track of all the affiliate links. We love this feature so much that we would recommend using system.io just for this feature alone. But if we could change one thing, that would be to add a feature to filter affiliate links on revenue so that we can quickly find the best or least performing links.

Business automation is the key in scaling any online business, and system.io integrates automation as much as possible. You can quickly automate any operation quickly from the automation tab conveniently placed on a separate menu. You can set certain rules which, when combined, can make up some impressive triggers and actions. We love how you can automate and give special privileges to a certain customer base that would be hard to pull off without automation. One downside though automation with third party application is missing, but there were no instances in our testing where we actually needed that so full marks in our book.


System.io combines many of the tools we love and still manages to keep their price at a reasonable rate. They offer different tiers for different business needs, and the best part, you can get started using the platform for free. One great thing we love is that system.io do not constrain on feature set but limit the number of automation and blog post you can publish at the free tiers. 

For businesses needing more automation and contacts for email marketing, the price iterates at 27,47 and 97 dollars which is fairly reasonable when considering the industry standards. 

We did some calculations on our own on how much would it cost to get all the tools system.io provides independently, and here is a brief overview

Email marketing tool – starts at $10 

Website builder – starts at $12

Ecommerce functionality including payment integration – $20

Affiliate program manager – $15

Automation tool – $20

All combine at about $77, and you also have to take the hassle of going back and forth between platforms that system.io promises to eliminate.

Overall, when compared with similar solutions like kajabi which starts at $149, system.io truly undercuts the competition without compromising quality. 


We personally really take customer support seriously as it is just a matter of time you run into issues when using a platform for a long time. How you are treated as a customer will greatly influence your overall experience. We did not have any issues when testing the software, but we did reach customer support a few times, and they were quick to respond. But system.io makes it obvious that they do not want you to be waiting for their support team to intervene by providing enough online tutorials to seek help from. They also have video tutorial series to help you if you run into any issues. 

They also have a thriving online community where people actually care to help. I found their Facebook group to be particularly active. But where system.io stands out is their online coaching feature found only in the enterprise package, where you will actually get help one o one from business experts who will help you in making full use of system.io. I did not have the chance to use this feature, but having an option of one on one coaching is really an exciting one.

After looking in-depth at all the features system.io provides, we have no hesitation in recommending it. It is priced aggressively and offers the best value for money the industry has to offer. It targets a specific problem and does well to improve it by eliminating the need to switch between platforms. The only downside, and this would be nitpicking at this stage, is the lack of third-party integration, but we are hopeful that future system.io will bring that too. 

Overall we highly recommend you to give system.io a try as it is completely free to get started and have an idea on the over the platform. 

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