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SocialPilot: An All In One Social Media Tool


Social media has transformed the way we interact with each other. If you are not on social media, like it or not, you do not simply exist to the 4.5 billion users who use social media at least once a day. 

So, that gives you a picture of the importance of managing your social media channels to get maximum engagements. With this in mind, SocialPilot was launched in 2014 to create a platform to organize and schedule all your social media channels, and in a short period, their user base climbed to over 155,000 users. So what is it that SocialPilot offers, and how does it compare to other established options on the market? Let’s find out in our in-depth review.

What exactly does SocialPilot do?

SocialPilot is an all-in-one, cloud-based social media tool that can be used to create and schedule content with advanced reporting and engagements. You can use SocialPilot to schedule social media posts on up to 9 channels, including all the popular options like Facebook and Twitter, to better engage with customers and get the most out of your social media marketing efforts. It is flexible and intuitive, making it a viable option for smaller businesses and marketing agencies.

So how good of a job it does? And is it really worth the attention and media coverage it generates? Let’s find out in our in-depth review.

SocialPilot Interface


While trying out SocialPilot, we found the overall theme to be intuitive and straightforward. Unlike many other social marketing tools cough* Hootsuite, SocialPilot tends to prefer a simple approach and by no way trying to reinvent the wheel. It is simple and only has the features that you will actually use. You can quickly figure out which report belongs to which of your marketing campaigns and opt for a more traditional approach making the learning curve of using the platform reasonably simple. After signing in, you will be greeted with a dashboard that clearly labels each tab like the ads and analytics tab to ensure you do not get overwhelmed. The reports generated are simple to understand and do not get in the way of using the platform. In short, anyone with some idea of social media will feel at home and do not need any expertise to browse through the user interface. 

SocialPilot Feature set


Let’s address what probably matters the most regarding any social marketing tool, its feature set. Having an excellent interface is fine, but if you do not have the desired feature, it does not matter in the long run; it’s that simple. So, how does SocialPilot stack up on features against the competition? In short, it completely blows everything out of the park, allow us to explain.

First, it allows users to publish a post in large amounts with ease. You can schedule posts in bulk via CSV and can include multiple images to make your marketing efforts as efficient as possible. SocialPilot also consists of a built-in URL shortener so that the shared link looks professional, increasing your chances of the highest possible engagements. 

SocialPilot also has a social inbox, from where you can check your inbox and comments of multiple pages, all from a single inbox. This is handy, mainly if your business requires numerous pages and simultaneously keeps track of the messages. One slight nuance, though, is that SocialPilot only keeps track of your messages for 30 days only, and currently, you can not browse messages before that due to privacy concerns.

SocialPilot also has a built-in hashtag tracker to help you find the most trending hashtags that you might be interested in using in your own campaigns. The results are not always accurate, though, and the information provided is very elementary but still helps craft a perfect post.

Being a social media scheduling tool, SocialPilot also provides a wide range of tools to help schedule a seamless process, like the ability to pull images and details when you try to schedule a post. It also gives you an accurate preview of how the post will look on different devices before you go ahead and actually post. But our favorite feature has to be the built-in canva integration, with which you can easily tweak the overall look of your post by including GIFs and images. You can do a lot of visual layover through canva and then schedule the post in the queue to be posted at a more convenient time, all through a single SocialPilot platform.  

Sometimes you are required to draw the most attention to a single post or announcement you may have, and SocialPilot also has useful features to cater to that. You may schedule a post to repeat up to 10 times throughout a number of days to get the most engagement. It also has an array of helpful analytics and support of APIs to help keep track of your marketing campaigns and help you improve and make them efficient with valuable insights. 

In short, there are tons of features that we simply can not compile in a single post. It is uncanny how SocialPilot managed to cram in all these features and still not overwhelm the user. And to top it up, SocialPilot also works to integrate third-party apps like Zapier or any of your favorite browser extensions to be all used through the platform in one single interface. If this is not enough to get you excited, I don’t know what will.



Now that we have praised SocialPilot so much for its intuitive design and amazing set of features, let’s address arguably the most important thing when choosing a new platform: price. Thankfully SocialPilot does not disappoint here either, with its pricing starting just at $30/month ( $25/month if you pay yearly). What we find is that whatever you can do in the largest price model is quite similar to its lowest modes; the only difference is the scale at which you can do it. We find the pricing model fair mainly because it allows even small businesses to use all the fantastic features SocialPilot offers. 

To take a glance at the pricing model. 

Professional ($30/mo, or $25/mo billed annually) The entry point allows 50 social accounts, 200 posts per day, and up to 2,500 posts in the queue. 

Small Team ($50/mo, $41.33/mo billed annually) — 100 social accounts, 500 posts per day, 5,000 posts in the queue

Agency ($100/mo, $83.33/mo billed annually) — 200 social accounts, 1,000 posts, 10,000 in the queue

Enterprise (Custom Pricing) — For individuals or companies who require more than 1000 posts. 

Overall, we love the pricing SocialPilot is offering; although an upfront cost rather than a subscription model would have been more appreciated, but we are not complaining about this price. We feel the platform is reasonably priced and provides a solid value for money. 


No matter how fantastic a platform you create, there will be times when your customers may not find a solution straight away and need to contact support, and therefore to us, this is by far the most important of SocialPilot reviews. 

There are four ways you can get in touch with the support team, and fortunately, 3 of those Teams are reasonably quick to respond. So we contacted support through Email, Facebook, Twitter, and their contact form, and the results were reasonably responsive. We managed to get a response via email and contact form within an hour’s time, which in today’s standard is impressive. But the reaction on the social media channel was a bit slower at around 3 hours, but given the platform’s scale and the number of requests they have to entertain each day, I will give them the pass.

One minor issue we faced when contacting support was a lack of an instant messaging application with which we could contact support. This is quickly becoming industry standard, and we really miss the ability to send a text through instant messaging swiftly.

Final Verdict

SocialPilot targeted a market that primarily consists of startups, small enterprises, and marketing agencies who want access to several social media networks to track the efficacy of their marketing campaigns without paying for high-end capabilities. Overall we love SocialPilot for its intuitive design and easy to get started philosophy throughout the platform. There are also an array of some valuable features that genuinely help it compete well against the competition. 

There are still issues that need to be solved or brought up to date, the most notable of which being the lack of Instagram capability on the site. While you can link your Instagram profiles to the platform and schedule things through it, all that accomplishes is the opportunity for others to see what you’re up to on Instagram with everything else on the platform. That is something they are working on, but it is a challenge for marketers and social media managers who deal with Instagram daily.

Other than that, SocialPilot ticks all boxes, and it is priced at a value for money segment, making it viable for small businesses and agencies to streamline their marketing efforts. For what it is worth, we have no problem recommending SocialPilot as being one of the best all-in-one social marketing tools currently available in the market. 

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