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Payhip – easily sell digital products & memberships online

Are you looking for a new way to sell digital products online? Perhaps you have an eBook, art design, or music that you would like to cash in on. Well, Payhip is here to help you turn those digital products that you have into cash. They make it extremely easy to sell these types of things online. In this article, we will discuss Payhip and talk about how it works and why you should choose it. As a bonus, we will also discuss ways to acquire digital products to sell in case you don’t already have some of your own. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

The Premise

Are you a creator? Maybe you’re an entrepreneur who’s looking for ways to sell online. Payhip is here and wants to be your partner in your journey. You’ve done the hard part of creating your work of art, such as an eBook. But now you’re stuck with a dilemma. How are you supposed to sell it? There are many things to worry about, like payment processing, having a place to list your item for sale, and evading fraud. Payhip takes care of all of that for you. You can depend and trust on them to help you benefit from your hard work.

Is Payhip legit?

Of course, anytime you’re talking about the online world, and especially when dealing with money, people want to make sure they are dealing with a trusted and legitimate business partner. Well, with Payhip, you get just that. Payhip is trusted by over 130,000 sellers from all over the world. That kind of userbase is sure to instill trust in potential customers. Reading through customer reviews on Payhip’s website, it’s clear to see that finding Payhip was a life-changing experience for many people. Some of the benefits of Payhip that they mentioned were the simple interface and integration, outstanding customer support, ease of use, and ability to handle VAT.

What can you sell using Payhip?

So, now that you know how Payhip works let’s discuss what can be sold through it.

Digital Downloads

Digital downloads are just what the name implies, digital things that customers can purchase and then immediately download. Examples of these that are frequently sold on Payhip include eBooks, recipes, music, graphic designs such as logos, and video courses. Are you getting any ideas yet? If you don’t already have one of these things to sell, perhaps you are thinking about adding one to your offerings.


What’s so great about memberships? They are recurring. Instead of a one-time purchase, customers keep paying you month after month. Talk about a great way to earn money! What kind of things can you sell memberships for? Almost anything. Perhaps you want to deliver a monthly newsletter to your subscribers. Payhip can help you create that. Maybe you want to provide an exclusive teaching club where you provide tips to subscribers. Payhip also works for that. The possibilities are endless, and Payhip makes it all come together flawlessly.

What does this service cost?

Of course, everyone wants to know how much they’ll be paying in order to take advantage of a service such as this. Well, the great news is that this service has a Free Forever plan that requires no upfront cost. Instead, Payhip charges just 5% of the selling price. This makes it a no-brainer for anyone who is on the fence about selling their digital products online. With no upfront costs, there’s no excuse to list your items and get started. Just price your items to account for the 5% transaction fee, and you’re ready to begin making a profit. 5% is a competitive rate in the market. This means that you’ll be able to keep more of the money for yourself, which is great, considering you did the hard work of creating the digital product. Payhip also has other plans with lower transaction fees. These plans are great for people who are selling at a higher volume. But for the person who’s just looking to get started, the free plan is perfectly suitable to help them get their products to market with a reliable partner.

Is there any kind of waiting period to get paid?

No, there’s not. This follows the theme of Payhip’s ease of use. They allow you to collect your earnings immediately after your item sells—no need to wait around patiently for up to two weeks.

Examples of Businesses using Payhip

Next, we will cover some of the businesses that are currently using Payhip.

One is an Instagram blogger. They use Payhip to sell and deliver vegan recipes to their followers. Payhip makes it easy to collect payment from the customers and allows them to seamlessly download their purchased content. Payhip’s sleek design means you can feel happy trusting them with your dear followers.

Another is a guitar business. They use payhip to sell digital content relating to jazz guitars. They provide teaching documents, as well as audio files that customers can enjoy to better their guitar skills.

Here’s another intriguing story of a business owner using Payhip. They are a designer who uses Payhip to give away free content. Yes, that’s right. They sell items on Payhip at the cost of $0. They are essentially giving away items in order to grow their subscriber list. They offer customers free downloads of their products for signing up as a subscriber. Payhip’s beautiful website makes it easy to allow customers to then download their rewards. They mentioned that they have added over 3,000 new subscribers with the help of Payhip. Pretty cool, right?

A final business to consider is a novel writer. They use payhip to sell novels that they have written. The quick checkout process means that customers have no problem getting their content and getting to enjoying it as fast as possible.

What if you don’t have any digital products to sell?

Now, we will enter the bonus part of the article. We’ve talked about the benefits of Payhip and the way that everyone now has the ability to easily sell products online without any inventory. But what if you don’t have any artwork, books, or music to sell online? Or if you simply don’t want to create any more? Well, you can then purchase what is known as PLR content to resell.

What is PLR content?

PLR content is simply content that you can purchase and gain the full rights to so that you can sell it yourself. For instance, you can buy a PLR book that you can then fully own and have the ability to resell many times yourself. Here’s how that scenario could work with the use of Payhip: Purchase a PLR eBook for $10. Next, resell that eBook on Payhip 20 times to your subscribers at the cost of $2 per book. You’ve now just made a profit of $30. Pretty sweet, right? And it was all done without you having to write a single page of a book.

PLR stands for private label rights. Once you have purchased PLR content, you own full rights to it as your own private label brand. It is important to note that there are different types of PLR content. Some come with different licenses than others. Some require that the content doesn’t be changed at all. Some may require attribution. It’s important to understand exactly what kind of PLR content you are looking at and what makes sense for your needs. Having PLR content with full rights gives the most freedom and ease to the purchaser.

PLR Database

One of the best places to find PLR content is called PLR Database. They have a humongous collection of PLR content to choose from. So, if you’re interested in selling digital content online but don’t have anything or any ideas of what to sell, simply head over to PLR Database and have a look around. They can supply you with all kinds of different PLR content to sell. Whether you already have a brand or following, or you are just getting started in this space, they can provide you with digital products that you can purchase the full rights to, then sell on Payhip as your own.

What products does PLR Database carry?

PLR Database has a huge array of digital products that you can choose from to sell to your customers. You can choose from purchasing articles, audio, eBooks, graphics, packages, scripts, software, videos, and even websites? Is that enough to choose from? They have more items to sell than you could probably even go through.

How do I learn more about this?

PLR Database has an academy on its own website. This is where they have tons of articles and teachings on how to succeed in this field. They can help anyone from beginner to expert learn how to sell digital products online without having to be a writer, artist, or musician. Imagine not having to slave away for hours working on writing a book. PLR Database can make this dream a reality. They offer some of the highest quality PLR content that is available on the web. They also have a highly supportive team that is available to answer any and all questions that you may have. They also offer money back on all purchases in case you are unhappy for any reason.

Talk to others about this service

PLR Database has a wonderful additional feature to help others become better at this craft. They offer a forum where users can connect with others and share their experiences. Users can ask one another questions and discuss strategies to better use this service. There are many posts in the forums that users can read through in order to find more information about this vast topic. Users can use the forums to network and connect with other business-minded people. Need a partner for your business? You may be able to find a friend using the forums.


PLR Database offers a free plan. This is perfect for everyone who’s interested in taking the first step and get started on their journey with having digital content to be able to sell. Remember, this is all content that you didn’t have to spend hours creating if you even have the skills to create in the first place (lucky musicians).

They also have paid plans. These plans differ in that they allow you to have access to exclusive products and additional premium products. These plans can benefit users by allowing them to have access to products that fewer competing persons are selling. This can allow you to potentially be able to sell more products or products at a higher price/demand. If you’re just looking to get started, try out their free plan and get a feel for how the process works.

Tying it all together

So, how can you bring the whole package together? It’s not too complicated. Just sign up at Payhip first. The registration process is straightforward, and you will be on your way in no time. Next, sign up at PLR Database. Once you have your accounts ready to go, begin searching through PLR Database for some PLR content that you would be interested in selling. You can search by the type of content or by a certain niche or genre if you choose. Make sure you understand the license of the product that you are going to use. Understand if you have full rights or if there are any limitations (most products on their website give you full rights). Then, just download the product and list it for sale on Payhip. Simple, right? You could be on your way to earning profit pretty quickly.

Of course, you will have to market your items, so it would work great if you already have a follower base that you can market your items to. If not, you can look into other marketing methods, such as running ads.


So, there you have it. These are two great resources that can help you along in your business journey. We hope you found the information helpful, and remember that you can sign up for both of these services for free. Good luck!

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