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LiveChat: Ai-powered Solution For Seamless Communication.


Any digital marketer will tell you about the importance of effective communication and how much it can benefit your business. Sure conventional email works, but instantly catering to customers’ queries can go a long way, which is exactly what LiveChat promises to offer. A complete and effective means of communication in a single platform. But does it really have what it takes? And how well is it equipped with all the features? Let’s find out in our comprehensive breakdown

What is LiveChat?

Livechat is a cloud-based application that lets websites capture more leads and convert more sales by allowing users to chat through your website without the need for any logins. Anyone can come to the website, and a pop-up will be initiated through which you can support customers on a 24/7 basis. While several other platforms have live chat solutions, LiveChat, on the other hand, distinguishes itself by putting its whole focus on its functionality. In addition to offering several customization possibilities, it also allows you to merge messages from various web platforms into a single dashboard. Creating a seamless dashboard for all your client queries in one place so that you can rest assured that your marketing efforts are not going in veins and your conversion is at an all-time high.

You need to use LiveChat to understand the real problem it solves, but how does it poise itself against the competition?


LiveChat Interface

LiveChat’s main differentiating factor is it’s incredibly intuitive and simple-to-use interface that makes it easy for anyone to get started. The interface is a two-way steak, one for the user and the other for the backend and LiveChat exiles in both. There is step by step instruction on how to install LiveChat making it super easy to get started even if you have no prior knowledge on programming. 

To a large extent, the LiveChat online application was smooth to use. The messaging interface, which is an essential feature, is quite similar to the one used by Facebook Messenger, so the user feels right at home with no learning curve at all. With one click, you may see all of your currently active conversations and queued talks in a column on the left-hand side of the window, and then zoom in on a specific chat in a center column. This section provides a complete summary of the client who is contacting you, including information about the platform from which they’re messaging you, the pages of your website they’ve viewed, and whether or not they’re a repeat customer. The details provided are uncanny, and you can see every single detail right from your dashboard.

In addition to that, LiveChat also allows you to track hundreds of visitors on your website in real-time. You may start a conversation with any individual visitor and tailor-made your message to their interests depending on the pages they’re presently browsing through. This is a feature that is missing in other mainstream chat services and can take lead conversion a long way. 

LiveChat also implemented some simple solutions that made the application’s overall experience seamless. Take tags, for example; instead of trying the exact same response for a popular question, you can assign tags, typing which will instantly give you access to the full message allowing you to customize it and save valuable time.

Overall, we found LiveChat easy and quite visually appealing than the competition, with very little to no learning curve.


LiveChat Feature set

LiveChat has an array of features that enable connecting with customers a seamless experience and monitoring your support team’s efforts all through one single dashboard. 

To begin with, the chatbox itself is quite adaptable and allows your potential leads to send or receive files and images. You can also schedule a meeting or send links all through the chatbox. This is quite handy as sometimes it is easier to take a screenshot of the problem than explain it in depth. 

Next, it also supports quick response so your support team can swiftly act upon any request, reducing the chances of lead getting bounced. LiveChat also has a handy feature where you can assign any chat to another department seamlessly, especially useful when you have a support team with varying expertise.

LiveChat also allows one communication between different platforms to merge into one platform to make it easy to keep track of any client requests. This means you can import messages from Facebook, email, and SMS; you name it all communication under one roof at LiveChat System.  

Another feature that we loved during our time with LiveChat is the preloaded questionnaires that are automatically sent to customers after a discussion. We find it extremely useful to ensure high quality and consistent service, especially in startup and medium-sized businesses. The questionnaires can be a bit more specific, though, as the preloaded ones may not always be best suited for your particular needs, so try customizing them to get the most out of them. 

To sum up, LiveChat has all the essential features that you would otherwise expect from a communication system and builds on it. The main theme is to build on the existing features and make them better, and for that reason, we give our full recommendation that LiveChat is a comprehensive communication solution.

The elephant in the room ( pricing )


No matter how great a product is, if it’s not priced well, it’s never going to work. LiveChat offers three basic plans, all from a month to month basis. I am not a massive fan of the subscription price model as a customer has to spend a lot in the long term, but I have no complaints on LiveChat as their starting price is just $16/month. That undercuts every competition making it suitable for any small or medium-sized business to get started. And the best part, the starter pack has almost all the features that you would need, and LiveChat is very generous by not cutting corners here. The most significant constraint is that you may only retain conversation history for a maximum of 60 days and miss out on some of the customization features ( remember the questionnaire we talked about earlier) other than that is awesome.

The Team plan starts at $33/month and offers unlimited customization and conversation history along with file sharing through chat and full-on reports to monitor the overall performance of your communication efforts. This is ideal for medium to large-sized businesses and has all the features that you would expect at this price point.

The final plan, also known as the business plan, starts at $50/month. This includes SMS integration and single sign-in for each agent. To be honest, this is a bit of an overkill for small businesses and ideal for large enterprises only. 

Overall we find the basic price plans to be real value for money and ideal for businesses getting started. But when you factor in that there is a 14day free trial to try out all the features, Live Chat has a winning formula in their hands.



What I think is that LiveChat uses its own platform to show off the true potential of its product and create an amazing experience. It would be a great irony if a company focused on communication falters at their own support. Thankfully, LiveChat does a fantastic job of addressing clients’ queries quickly. You are provided with a ton of resources to browse through their interface easily. You also have online resources to help you find solutions quickly if you face any hiccups. All in all, we think LiveChat does justice to its promise of creating the best platform for seamless communication.

Privacy and Security

Privacy and security are essential aspects for any business, and LiveChat implements all the necessary features to create a safe experience. You have all the industry-standard protection you may think of, including 256- bit encryption and fully encrypted messaging to keep your sensitive business data safe from potential scammers. We also loved how administrators can limit the number of IP addresses logged into LiveChat to ensure no one exploits your support system by spamming messages and overwhelming your support team. You also have the option to limit support in countries where you do not currently have an operation, again helping you be productive by eliminating some of your support team’s workload.

Final verdict

LiveChat is a versatile and powerful messaging tool that helps connect with your customers across multiple online channels. LiveChat has an array of valuable features that genuinely help seamless communication and convert potential leads. We also love how LiveChat makes it possible to seamlessly assign a different agent or forward the message to another department with varying expertise to help clients. But if we are nitpicking an option to pay for the application upfront could be an option but given how cheap LiveChat starts and the constant updates they provide, we will give them the pass. And finally, the approach LiveChat has in terms of security makes it easy to recommend them for all your messaging needs. 

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